Awakening Second Saturday Night Market

Second Saturday Market at Awakening Into Wellness

Join us for our monthly market located in the heart of the Grand Central District, every second Saturday from 6 pm to 10 pm. Our local businesses offer products/services such as organic tea, crystals and stones, hand-crafted jewelry, visual art, massages, free COVID testing, and much more. Food trucks are also available for delicious eats.

*COVID Protocols: Mask-wearing is required when social distancing is not possible. Masks are provided if you need one, and sanitizing stations are positioned throughout the market. Thank you for helping to keep our community safe. * 

Vendor Application 

Makers, creators and small business owners are welcome! We seek to facilitate the awakening of the Spirit of Wellness within every person we meet so that their authentic light can shine brightly. We do this by supporting small businesses and arts to foster community involvement. In order to hold space for a variety of local makers and creators we ask that you answer the following questions below and we will reach out to you to confirm availability for a space to vend. Completing this application does not imply you will have a space, we will however do everything possible to accommodate your request, including switching up the vendor line-up to ensure all vendors get an opportunity to participate. 

Hours are from 6 pm to 10 pm 

The cost to secure your space is $30.00. 

We are thankful to host these monthly markets but it is our main priority is to keep our community safe. 

Vendor Policies and Rules:

  • Tents space are 10×10 
  • Tents will be placed 6ft apart to ensure proper distancing, this does not mean you can spread out past the 10×10 space 
  • Vendors are required to wear face masks while vending 
  • We encourage you to have hand sanitizer at your booth. We have 2 hand sanitation station placed throughout the event 
  • Our market are rain or shine. Florida weather changes quickly, events will not be cancelled unless a big storm is expected. We monitor our weather forecast closely 
  • We have electricity on site but please bring your own extension cords 
  • Bring your lights during the time of year when it gets dark prior to the end of the event or during night events. 
  • Weights on ALL Pop-Up tents are required – No Exception – A minimum of 30 Pounds of weight per leg is required to hold down your tent down. This venue can be very breezy at times and we are on pavement so no stakes allowed. Vendors without weights will not be allowed to participate 
  • We have a big dumpster on site to throw away any garbage you may accumulate
  • No alcoholic beverages or smoking will be allowed while vending 
  • Vendor space cannot be shared without the prior approval by the event coordinator
  • Be mindful and courteous of your neighbor. Any issues or concerns are to be brought up to the attention of the event coordinator. We have a zero tolerance to rudeness, harassments, bullying and violence. Remember that this is a family oriented community. 
  • Electronic payment will be required to secure your space at the time of your acceptance email. No space is held or guaranteed unless payment has been received. No cash payment will be accepted
  • Setup will begin 2 hours prior to event start up time and ready to begin 15 minutes prior to start time
  • Breakdown begins at the end of the event, not before. Emergencies requiring vendors to leave early will be handled accordingly and you will need to remove your items by cart. Anyone breaking down early without prior consent might not be invited to return. 
  • No cars will be allowed until guests have cleared the premises. 
  • This is a Pet-Friendly market. Vendors may keep a bowl for water or treats to offer the pet owner for their pets. 
  • Each vendor is solely responsible for all monies collected and reporting sales taxes.
  • Food trucks and food vendors are responsible for having their permits in order and comply all applicable city, county and state ordinance, codes, health, waste and laws. 
  • Vendors, vendor booth and representatives consent to be photographed and/or video recorded for use in advertising of the event. All images taken will become property of Awakening Into Wellness. 

We ask that those vendors with access to social media platforms promote our markets through our Event’s page and market flyers. Our markets success is dependent on working together to achieve the same goal, community awareness and involvement. 

If you have any questions please email [email protected] or call (727) 565-2214

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