Large Crown/Seventh Chakra Bowl


Awakening Wellness Center has a variety of hand-hammered singing bowls, straight from Nepal. Singing bowls can help relieve symptoms of stress, provide relief from pain, ease muscle tension and joint aches, eliminate insomnia, and address many other physical/mental/emotional issues. They are frequently used in the practices of Sound Healing, Yoga, and personal relaxation at home.
Research using Singing Bowls has shown many positive results. Science agrees that sound can impact brain wave patterns and can also be felt and absorbed by our bodies on psychological, emotional and spiritual levels not just the physical level alone!

The sound of a Singing Bowl being played impacts our brain waves, thereby raising our vibration from everyday basic Beta mode to Theta and Delta, which are deep states of relaxation that results in heightened intuition, similar to what is felt during meditation.
This elevated brain state allows us to exist in the present moment, returning us to our natural way of being, helping us release the fear and stress of our life?s ?situations?. The vibratory rate of our heart and respiratory system is restored or re-trained by the resonance and vibration of the bowls on or near our body, which lowers the level of stress hormones released by the nervous system. In this state of deep relaxation pain can be relieved.
A variety of sound healing systems exist around the world. Some are based on the Vedic scale, which Westerners recognize as the diatonic scale, and other systems are based on the meridians and chakras which are derived from Chinese and Tibetan practices.