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Intro to Conscious Dreamwork with Cara Helene

October 24, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am


Are you listening to the mystical whispers of your soul? Every night in your dreams your soul is calling for your attention and cheering you on – do you know how to understand the messages? What would you say if I told you dreams were also places you can return to, not just the fluff your brain processes from the day?
For thousands of years, dreaming has been an integral part of human culture, and traditional cultures still practice sharing their dreams as a way to create connection and promote the well-being of the whole community. Cultures that honor dreaming around the world view dreams as a reflection of the important work our soul is doing while the body sleeps. Reviewing dreams every morning is practiced as an important tool to stay in tune with the guidance of our soul.

In this series of classes by Cara Helene, a certified Dream Teacher, you will be introduced to the Active Dreaming way of life pioneered by visionary shamanic dreamer, healer, and teacher, Robert Moss. She’ll teach his Lightning Dreamwork method for working with your own dreams and helping others work through their dreams too.

Classes will cover:
– how to record your dreams
– how to interpret your own personal symbols
– how to break a dream drought
– how to handle and understand nightmares
– how to work with the messages you receive (honoring them, playing with them, meditation, kairomancy, using art)
– how to help someone else who comes to you with a big dream
– how to set intentions for dreams of guidance
– which stones and herbs can strengthen your dreaming
– how to energetically protect and clear yourself and your space

Get started: begin by recording (journal or voice or art) whatever you can remember each morning and see how that shifts the quality of your dreaming. Be sure to bring a notebook and your journal to classes. Additional handouts will be provided.

Join us and be part of reawakening your dreamer within and creating a society of dreamers with Cara Helene!
Cara Helene is a Dreamworker, Traditional Healing Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist. If you have more questions about this series you can contact her to schedule a free 15min exploration call to see which services are right for you: (727) 344-9310 or [email protected].

Admission is $25,- Class length is 1,5h
Next class: 11/7 from 10 to 11:30am

**After attending at least two of the beginner classes you will be ready to join the Dreamwork Circle where we will actively help each other work through our dreams. There will also be a continuing series of intermediate classes covering more advanced topics such as dream re-rentry, journeying, meeting guides, and healing with dreams.**


October 24, 2021
10:00 am - 11:30 am
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