Awakening Into the Sun with Maria

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Meditation, Stress Relief, Wellness

Is more than just opening our eyes to see what the sun brings to us,

It’s also about learning what “WE” can bring into our days!

About being open minded enough to learn new things,

It is about listening to our hearts and souls to live a healthier and happier life!

With Love and Light, Always!

Maria T. Carranza

Most of you are familiar with the history of my anxiety and depression disorders and how it has also affected my neurological system. This is probably the main reason why I decided to co-create The “Awakening Wellness Center’ with Dr. John A. DeRugeris in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

While researching for natural ways to overcome anxiety and depression, I discovered The Atma Buti (sanscrit for) Soul Medicine School. The Atma Buti School is currently accredited by the state of Colorado; The department of higher education board as well as the national certification board for therapeutic massage and body work. Once I did my research and found out that they were the real deal, I decided to register into their program and took the three main levels of sound and vibrational therapist, all under the supervision of its founder Suren Shresta. Suren was born in Khandbari, Nepal. He is not only well known in his country for all the good things he has done, but also for what his ancestors did, and what the rest of his family continue doing for their country. When I met him, I was convinced that he was the one I needed to learn the traditional protocols from. The protocols that he learned while growing up at his village, the ones that helped him and his community when not feeling their best. Wow… It was so refreshing to me to learn something new. Yes! specially after having worked in the traditional health field for over 35 years. Becoming a holistic sound and vibrational therapist felt just like the right thing to do. Again, not only because this would help me, but also because it would also help me help others too. And even though this practice has transformed my life, I still look for other modalities that may improve the rest of my life for years to come. The latest routine I have included into my life, is the one where I get up early mornings every day I open my eyes. Yes, early enough to watch the sun rise. Wow… Who would have known that someone like me” (who’s not a morning person) would make a decision to change her lifestyle and give mornings a chance? Yes, I did it, and I still do. Now days watching the sun rise has become a new practice of mine, yes one I have added to this book of mine called “My Life”.

Did you know that watching the sunrise -or- the sunset can improve our health?

Yes, watching the sunrise or the sunset can improve our health? I have confirmed this myself. I feel so much better, probably better than ever! What a great combo – Sound, vibrations and watching the sunrise are really working well for me. They do not necessarily need to be done together. Sometimes I bring my favorite bowl, sometimes I only bring myself making a point to watch the sunrise. The act of finding a spot, yes that special spot where I feel so comfortable and decide to watch the beginning of a brand-new day, a place where I can enjoy the light, the colors changing right in front of me. This has become the perfect opportunity for me to slow down, pause and center my mind. Anytime we stop, breathe, make our mind quiet and enjoy the moment is a positive effect that we should gladly welcome into our mind, body and spirit. Did you know that Sun-gazing is an old method of healing? Here are some of the benefits we get when we look up. Splendor – the sun is a magnificent energy. Peace – the energy of the sun is one of peace. Beauty – let us appreciate the beauty around us. Gratitude – Waking up to a new day is a gift. Healing – Ultraviolet light that stimulates our metabolism, the minerals in our body, the melanin. Natural Source of Vitamin D – Which changes to Calcium in our body, encourages the production of endorphins which brings happiness and prevents depression. Good for the Nervous System – Exposure to sun can reduce anxiety. Oh! Not to forget that getting up for a sunrise walk can help us lose weight. And best of all; It is FREE!

Did you know that walking among trees makes us more relaxed and nicer, too?

It should come as no surprise but walking around trees has health benefits too. This is called Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Medicine or, Forest Bathing) and it is a Japanese practice that celebrates the health -improving qualities of the forest. It is also nice and simple… wandering along forest trails and spending time in other natural places. And the benefits are amazing too! Spending time within a forest setting can reduce psychological stress, depressive symptoms and hostility; while at the same time improving sleep, vigor and feeling of liveliness.

So… It doesn’t matter where you live, you may live by the beach, the lake, or a forest! Take time for yourself. Now days we spend too much time rushing, worrying, ticking off items of the to-do list and that only contributes to stress. So… Again! Lets pause, quiet our minds and take care of ourselves. Loving us should be our number one priority.

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